Why Should I Practice?

Parents - practice doesn't make perfect, however, it will make your child really good!  Please encourage your child to practice both at home and before/after school as much as possible.  The students can also practice during the Extended Time & Support (XTS) period we hold at the end of the day.  Ideally, your child should practice 70-100 minutes per week…or more!  I do not have the students turn in their practice time however; it’s a great idea to keep track of it at home.  Post the record in a high traffic area, such as on a refrigerator or on a desk.  Please be very encouraging!  Our younger students will struggle at first!  You may hear some scary sounds for the first few months!  It will get better…and fast!  For our older students, practicing is a important part in our musical development.  Even the best musicians in the world practice. 

 A common complaint about practicing is that the students do not have enough time.  Parents, set aside a block of time in the evenings.  The students can practice for 10 minutes when they get home, 10 minutes before dinner and 10 minutes before they go to sleep.  The time adds up quickly.  

Take a minute to watch this cool video on practicing!

YouTube Video